By lemaster 27 Oct, 2016

Have you ever walked up to a window in the middle of summer and you can instantly feel the heat coming through it? Or maybe you have done the same thing in the middle of winter and the window is freezing cold?! I think we all have at some point, and our first instinct is to close the curtain and blinds and turn our houses into dungeons to try and get away from the heat or cold. Not only does this not solve the problem, but you lose your view of the outside world!

Surprisingly up to 70% of all energy of a home is lost through doors and windows! That is a huge number and one of the reasons people are constantly paying high amounts for their energy bills! Your home or business heating or cooling system is constantly fighting a losing battle, and essentially costing you money! So how do we fix this problem and maybe save ourselves some money? Well, the answer isn't as hard as you might think. Window film is actually a very easy to fix this problem, and the best part is it lets you retain your view and puts money back in your pocket!

For years people thought window film was made only for automobiles, but the truth is anything with windows can be tinted. The film we use for residential and commercial buildings is actually produced with a metal in it that actually reflects heat during the summer, and helps retain the warm air inside during the winter, whereas automotive film is made with a specific type of dye. A common misconception about window film though, is that it has to be completely blacked out to make a noticeable difference, but this is actually a huge myth! Our lightest shade of residential/commercial window film actually reduces the heat by 54% and blocks out 99% of all UV rays, and does not darken a room one bit!

We have been in business almost 30 years, and know what works when it comes to window film! Automotive film on a home or business will actually cause your windows to crack or break over time, so be sure and do your research about the company you choose to install window film before they get there! There is a lot of companies that want to make a quick dollar and may give a cheaper price, but in the long run you will run into headaches if they don't know what they are doing!

If this is something you are interested in, then give us a call and we would be glad to come out and give you a free estimate as well as bring you some window film samples! We all love saving money, so lets start 2016 out by getting your home or business truly energy efficient, and out some money back in your pockets!!

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